Danna Paola, Lele Pons, & Guaynaa at Mentirosa Thursdays at LIV

Miami Seaside, FL – September 15, 2022 – The long-lasting Danna Paola was given a heat welcome to LIV, the place she placed on an insane efficiency that had the group going wild! All of the mentirosas had been perreando and ordering infinite bottle parades, as Lele Pons and Guaynaa made a celeb look, to start the weekend early.

Purple, Danna Paola, & Angel Sanchez

Lele Pons, Kirk Taboada, & Guaynaa

Lele Pons, Rasiel Reyes, Danna Paola, & Kirk Taboada

Lele Pons, Danna Paola, Guaynaa, & Angel Sanchez

Two Tone & Keith Paciello

Kirk Taboada & Santa Fe Klan

DJ Dimelo Circulate, Zaga, & Mario Duran