Movin’ Proper Alongside 414: Demise, Despair, and Horrible Puns

We’re speaking about Minutes 27-28 of The Muppet Christmas Carol, during which Jacob and Robert Marley sing their hit tune “Marley and Marley.” With EXTREMELY particular visitor Leslie Carrara-Rudolph! She’s a Muppet performer! She performs Abby Cadabby and Tango and a bunch of different characters!

PLUS: How tall are Statler and Waldorf? The bully will get bullied! Behind-the-scenes data from Henson puppet builder Peter McKennan! The Marleys’ cruelest act! The Olsen twins! And Jerry Nelson’s wonderful voice!

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Hosted by Anthony Strand & Ryan Roe

Visitor Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

Produced & Edited by Ryan Roe

Brand by Morgan Davy