‘Star Wars’ Followers Left Spooked As They Notice a Memorable Han Solo Line Didn’t Really Occur

Han Solo and Chewbacca in

through Lucasfilm/Disney

One thing kinda spooky is occurring within the Star Wars fandom proper now, because it appears some persons are remembering a key line in The Drive Awakens in another way from everybody else. Is the Mandela Impact afoot in a galaxy far, distant?

This infamous phenomenon is when giant teams of in any other case unconnected folks share the identical false reminiscence, with it named for many individuals wrongly remembering Nelson Mandela dying within the Nineteen Eighties, or that the youngsters’s e book collection The Berenstain Bears was really titled The Berenstein Bears.

Now, a fan is questioning why they’ve a transparent reminiscence of a line from Han Solo in The Drive Awakens that doesn’t exist within the Disney Plus model:

Now we have a imprecise reminiscence of this, too, because it definitely feels like one thing that Han would say. One person thinks this may need been a line from a promo, maybe from an alternate take of this scene:

One person distinctly remembers this model of the road, saying that they “quote it usually”, and one other theorizes that this is likely to be a bizarre instance of Disney censorship.

However extra attentive followers are right here to set the rating straight, concluding that this can be a false reminiscence conflating two separate issues:

A reply could have even pinpointed the place the road comes from, pointing to a 2015 Esurance advert:

This advert would have been airing on the time of The Drive Awakens‘ launch, so it is smart that the 2 strains turned jumbled up in some folks’s reminiscences. However, with Disney having a popularity for making unannounced and refined modifications to motion pictures on streaming, possibly it’s not stunning that some viewers are watching their motion pictures and getting suspicious that one thing is completely different.