The Rings of Energy Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Theories, and Ideas

We come to it, finally, the good Episode 8 of our time. The Rings of Energy Season 1 involves an finish with this anticipated finale. Once I say anticipated, I imply half of the viewers are excited to see how the Amazon present concludes its first spherical, whereas the opposite half appears desirous to see if the showrunners fumble the ultimate chapter.

I can’t say that I’m thrilled with how ROP has turned out — its sluggish tempo, bland characters, and lack of motion have made the viewing expertise lackluster at greatest, regardless of my preliminary enjoyment of the primary few episodes — however proceed to carry onto hope that the powers that be will take heed to criticisms and make enhancements in future seasons. We’ll see.

We’ve obtained over an hour of an episode to get by way of, people. So, let’s get to The Rings of Energy: Episode 8, titled “Alloyed.”

What Occurred in The Rings of Energy Season 1 Finale

Our closing episode opens on the Stranger strolling by way of the Greenwood. He seems to be as homeless as ever however appears to cherish the apple Nori gave him within the earlier episode. He continues to listen to her voice, “You’re good,” she says. He tumbles down a hill, loses his apple, and bumps into the three creepy people led by the Dweller. They assume he’s Sauron as a result of why not? After all, there’s no means he’s Sauron.

Elsewhere, Galadriel transports Halbrand to the Elves (he wants medication, my Lord), who’s about as entertaining a traveler as my dad — the one true King is outwardly handed out on his personal horse.

Elrond tells Celebrimbor that the Dwarves informed him to “f—* off.” Celebrimbor is like, “Perhaps there may be some small factor we are able to make out of this piece of mithril that may support in our quest for immortality.” The ten or 12 individuals who haven’t seen The Lord of the Rings lean ahead of their seats.

Galadriel seems, beautiful everybody. She rode for six days, we’re informed, with out relaxation. Halbrand is like, “Kill me now,” however the Elvish medical doctors do their factor anyway.

Elrond is like, “Sorry, I ought to’ve gone with you to the Mild.” She’s like, “Whatevs. We’re good.”

Later, Halbrand, recovered from his wounds, explores Lindon. He bumps into Celebrimbor, kisses his ass for a couple of moments, after which will get all the way down to enterprise. “What are you constructing?”

“I wished to make a little bit one thing,” Celebrimbor says, “however I don’t have sufficient of something.”

Halbrand picks up the small shard of mithril and suggests utilizing different ores to amplify this piece. I do know what he’s speaking about as a result of I’ve performed Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of Struggle the place you discover and craft objects throughout Center-earth. So, technically I’m smarter than Celebrimbor, one of many wisest Elves in existence.

Anyhow, Celebrimbor is like, “Oh, I by no means considered that,” and the scene ends with everybody questioning how the hell this man is so well-known if he by no means thought to mix two ores earlier than.

In the meantime, again in Númenor — ugh! — Pharazôn orders his batch of apprentices, together with Isildur’s sister what’s-her-face, to provide you with a solution to honor the dying King. They’ll every get an hour with the outdated man. Isildur’s sister decides to sketch a portrait however is surprised when the King out of the blue reaches out and grabs her arm. He stumbles off the bed muttering nonsense, opens a secret door to his Palantír, and tells her to look inside. Not too lengthy, thoughts you, however lengthy sufficient to know what the hell is happening.

Again in Lindon, Excessive King Gil-galad listens to Celebrimbor and Elrond’s proposal. Galadriel is right here, too, for some cause. “One object for all of Center-earth,” the King asks suspiciously.

“Sure,” Celebrimbor says, “it may very well be a sword, a plate, a cup, or a crown —”

“Why a crown, why not a fork or a knife,” the King asks.

“As a result of it’s round, you twit, it could energy up extra!”

“And you’d place all of that energy on one particular person?” The King is clearly reluctant to leap into such a harmful little bit of hocus pocus. He tells Celebrimbor to get the flock out of there and head again to Lindon — wait, I believed we have been in Lindon. The place the hell are we?

“This might give us energy over flesh,” Celebrimbor states.

“The place did you hear that line,” Galadriel asks. “Halbrand?”

“Uh, er, no, I, uh, left the oven on.” Celebrimbor exits.

This scene is rendered pointless as Elrond convinces the Excessive King to allow them to do the factor they wish to do moments later.

Again within the nice forge, Halbrand does his factor as Galadriel seems to be on suspiciously. She begins doing a little bit digging into Halbrand’s previous. The King of the Southlands arrives, wanting all chipper. “Working with the Elven-smiths of Eregion is cool,” he says.

Ah, so Eregion.

“Thanks, Galadriel,” he says. “You believed in me. I had all however given up, however you pushed me and made me consider once more. I’ll always remember that.” He takes a step nearer and the music will get all eerie. “And I’ll see to it nobody else does both.”

She seems to be uncomfortable, an enormous “I’ve made an enormous mistake” frown splashed over her face.

Elsewhere, the Stranger converses with the three smart ladies. He’s nonetheless undecided who the hell they’re, however they acknowledge his stars, which they state are positioned within the land of Rhûn. “There, you may kick ass, Sauron.”

He will get all dramatic and does some tips with the wind. The Dweller knocks him out earlier than he will get too uncontrolled.

Close by, our Harfoots cover within the brush. The three smart ladies sense their presence, tie the Stranger as much as a tree and go away. Nori tries to untie her pal, however her mum stumbles upon the actual Stranger mendacity within the forest. However meaning —

Nori trembles because the Stranger tied to the tree assaults. The opposite two baddies present up and toss a knife at Sadoc. All hope is misplaced, however then the Stranger reemerges and presses X on his management pad to summon the wind. There’s some cool wizard-type motion, the Harfoots toss rocks, and the Dweller tries to deliver the entire forest down with fireplace. All hope is misplaced, however then Nori arms the Dweller’s workers to the Stranger and tells him to decide on who he needs to be. He stands and makes use of the workers to conquer the three smart ladies, who proclaim: “He’s not Sauron! He’s the opposite — Istar!”

(I don’t know what meaning, however a fast Google search reveals that Istar means wizard. Ah.)

“No,” he replies. “I’m good.”

The three Harfoots are likely to Sadoc. His wound is simply too nice and he dies watching the dawn.

That was truly a reasonably nice scene stuffed with motion, emotion, and spectacle. Extra of this, please.

Again on the Númenor ships, Elendil speaks with the blind Queen about his loss. It’s fairly dramatic and stuffed with the kind of clunky dialogue that has marred this present from the start. Much less of this, please.

They arrive at Númenor. Everybody heads to the highest of the ship and pauses. “What,” the Queen asks. “What’s it? What do you see? What doth your eyes let you know? What do your Elf eyes see? What’s the matter? Why gained’t anybody reply me? Is that this a merciless joke? Goddammit, reply my questions —”

We lastly see black flags draped all around the locale. The King is lifeless. Lengthy stay the King.

In Eregion, the forging isn’t going so properly. The mithril is simply too sturdy. Celebrimbor is able to homicide everybody, however Galadriel and Elrond calm her the hell down. Halbrand suggests they’re utilizing an excessive amount of pressure. “The ores have to be coaxed collectively.”

Galadriel seems to be on suspiciously. A doc arrives simply within the nick of time, one which reveals the true lineage of the Southlands. Halbrand seems to be suspiciously at Galadriel. Everyone seems to be suspicious.

Later, Galadriel seems to be positively dejected after studying the doc. Dammit, I actually wished her to be Sauron. As a substitute, we’re being informed what we’ve recognized all alongside. Halbrand arrives all giddy … “We’re gonna make two issues smaller than a crown,” he says like a schoolboy who desperately needs to make like to a forge.

“Who’re you actually,” she asks, tossing the doc down. “There is no such thing as a King of the Southlands. The road was damaged over a thousand years in the past.”

“I informed you I discovered the necklace on a lifeless man,” he says.

Her mind brief circuits. “You saved me on the raft.”

“You saved me,” Halbrand retorts.

“You satisfied the Queen to assault —”

“No, you probably did.”

Galadriel takes a step again. “You fought beside me.”

“I fought with you towards our widespread enemy.”

The music swells.

“Who’re you, what’s your title,” she asks.

“I’ve many names,” he says as a title card on the display screen adjustments from Halbrand to Sauron. I joke, however I’m additionally shocked it didn’t occur. She lunges at him with a blade and Halbrand simply grabs her arm and thrusts her into the previous.

She’s now within the first scene of the sequence together with her bro, Finrod. He reveals that Sauron was looking for an influence to not destroy Center-earth, however to heal it.

“My brother is lifeless due to you,” she snaps.

We’re thrust onto one other reminiscence – the raft from Episode 2. “You’re Morgoth’s buddy,” she tells Halbrand-on-raft.

He’s like, “You mentioned my previous didn’t matter! That we might have a future.”

The digicam twists and we see a mirrored image of Galadriel standing subsequent to Sauron in his armor.

“Everybody seems to be on you and doubts, however I can see your greatness,” he says.

For a second, we predict she would possibly be a part of him, however then we bear in mind Lord of the Rings and notice that’s not gonna occur. He snaps on the information and we kinda see his true personage come out — after which she’s underwater, caught on the rope and drowning. Elrond wakes her — she’s like, “Shit, I made a large mistake.”

Somewhat than inform him proper then and there that Halbrand is Sauron, she runs to cease Celebrimbor to cease his forging. “Nobody discuss to Halbrand. He’s type of an evil darkish Lord.” She convinces them that they want three rings.

“Come once more?”

“One will at all times corrupt,” she explains. “Two will divide. However with three, there may be stability.”

Celebrimbor wants gold and silver from Valinor, i.e. her blade.

In the meantime, the Stranger (who lastly speaks like a traditional ass particular person) sits with Nori and explains that Istar means smart one, or … (dramatic pause) wizard. He must go to Rhûn to determine the remainder of his Jason Bourne-like existence. She’s gonna keep behind till the following scene.

Later, the loopy girl who wished to kill everybody a couple of episodes in the past is now the de facto chief of the group. “Let’s go,” she says.

Nori’s pop arms her a backpack. “Go along with that bizarre unusual dude. I’m certain all the pieces will probably be okay.” There’s a very lengthy, drawn-out goodbye scene that goes on longer than the ending to Return of the King. Ultimately, Nori meets up with the Stranger, who’s principally revealed to be Gandalf as a result of he says: “When doubtful, Nori, at all times observe your nostril.”

Galadriel reluctantly arms over her blade, which melts and (when mixed with mithril) permits them to forge three rings. There’s a neat shot of the mithril in the midst of the recent ore wanting very very like the good Eye. Because the work continues, Elrond heads exterior to do some investigating. One thing’s amiss. By the point he returns together with her papers in tow, the three rings are accomplished. He is aware of the reality, she is aware of that he is aware of … and we reduce to …

Sauron standing earlier than Mount Doom, the place he’ll presumably go and make his personal Ring.

And the episode ends.

Last Ideas on The Rings of Energy Season 1

Okay, in order that was Season 1. I truly thought that the ultimate episode was cool. At the very least, ok to maintain me watching when Season 2 rolls round. We at all times knew what was going to occur, the important thing was protecting us invested till the not-so-big reveals. The showrunners hitched their wagon to the entire Sauron thriller field however didn’t do a ok job hiding the reality. We’ve principally recognized Halbrand was Sauron all alongside, so the huge unveiling predictably led me to shrug.

A greater solution to deal with this may need been to knowingly let audiences in on the key so we might watch as Halbrand manipulated Galadriel all through the season.

There was the entire thing with the Stranger as properly, which likewise resulted in a shrug as a result of we knew he was Gandalf all from the second he performed with fireplace. So, basically, we spent eight hours studying what we already knew … and didn’t actually be taught something new about something or anybody. Actually, this entire season might have been executed in a single or two episodes with better impact.

That mentioned, possibly Season 2 will hit the bottom operating now that our characters are established. Perhaps a humbled Galadriel will probably be extra likable, possibly there will probably be extra peril and motion. The second season has already began filming, so it’s uncertain there was time to amend any of the fabric.

As for Season 1, I preferred lots of it. The Harfoots have been largely enjoyable, even when their storyline didn’t actually quantity to something extraordinary and moved at a snail’s tempo; Galadriel and Halbrand made a formidable pair once they lastly obtained to do one thing apart from stand round; Elrond and Durin have been enjoyable, although their storyline appeared to go in circles. I’m nonetheless undecided what the purpose of Arondir, Bronwyn, and Theo was … the truth is, they have been absent from this episode and I didn’t even notice it till typing this sentence. Facet characters have been additionally a combined bag. Adar was cool till he wasn’t, Elendil was everywhere, the Queen Regent was fairly bland, and Isildur by no means made a lot of an impression other than being that man who will someday chop off Sauron’s finger.

The largest disappointment for me was the shortage of motion. Battles have been teased early on and we obtained a short skirmish, however nothing value writing dwelling about. After eight hours, you’d count on the present to construct to one thing extra substantial. As a substitute, this felt just like the prequel to The Rings of Energy, stuffed with pointless information that might have been defined in a sentence or two.

In brief, there was nothing notably memorable about this primary season. Nevertheless, these eight episodes set the stage for higher adventures sooner or later.